Dirtbike Rental Adventure Tour


You will be learning from Doug Tilghman Owner & Master Trainer who has been riding motorcycles since 1968 and teaching how to ride dirtbikes since 2011 on our private ranch in Bushnell Florida.  See our "Links" page for more information. 

Our 24 acre riding course is a mix of trails through the woods, open fields, sand, mud etc.  You will need to call or text to make an appointment as we only host one family at a time for safety reasons.  We provide all safety gear, high top boots, water, gatorade, snack.  Just check out our google reviews to get more information or feel free to call or text us anytime.  If we do not respond immediately we are probably riding motorcycles.  

Please Note:  All riders must go through our safety training regardless of experience level and all must sign our waiver of liability & dirtbike damage contract to ride.  

** To bring a child with any type of learning disability, balance issues or sensory limitations is not recommended as dirtbike riding is a dangerous sport.  Please let us know in advance if something like this applies.

*** Since we only host 1 family at a time, are outside the entire time, follow covid19 safe methods, clean/disinfect our facility and equipment after every customer the probability of getting any germs at AFM are low but like all public venues we cannot guarantee anything regarding the spread of any germs or virus related health issues.

Yes we are open

** By Appointment Only

One of our dirtbike rentals in Orlando, FL

Our Dirtbike sessions host only "1" family at a time & are held at a "Private" location close to Tampa, Orlando & Ocala Florida, ages 7 and up,  Safety Gear  & Safety Training are included in every package.....it will be one of the most "unique" and personalized bonding experiences of your life....just check our "Links" tab to see what our customers say!