Douglas Tilghman, owner of  Adventure Family Motorsports - II LLC believes that a family that plays together is a family that stays together. 

We are very focused on "Safety" and teaching the correct way to ride a dirtbike while having fun and correcting or making riders aware of any bad habits quickly.  Bad habits will eventually lead to a crash and possible injury, which we avoid.  We get many adventure travel families every year from all over the world. They say our adventure tour is the best ever!

Our "private" sessions (host only 1 family at a time) help make our Dirtbike rides safer than other places that are open to the public. Safety and fun can be accomplished if managed correctly and is exactly what will happen in our adventure tour.

For beginners or intermediate riders who want to ride with their families and have fun our Dirtbike tours will make you want to come back to our private ranch again and again.  Our "private" facility is approximately: 1 hour from Disney World , 50 minutes North of Tampa and close to gulf coast & Bush Gardens, many beaches and other attractions. 

The weather is great in Florida almost all year long. We are focused on having "family" fun in the Florida sun. 

NOTE: we only host (1) family at a time to improve the fun, safety & teaching factors and are a:

"BY APPOINTMENT ONLY" business PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE TO OUR RANCH WITH OUT TALKING TO US FIRST ON THE PHONE as we will NOT be able to allow you to ride dirtbikes without an appointment and we do not mix families riding together unless the adventure tour is discussed ahead of time. We get many adventure travel families who want something different.

​Everyone is paying for a "private" dirtbike riding session and that is exactly what they get at our "private" ranch with no exceptions....... i.e. this is to facilitate the best safety possible in this sport and fun simultaneously.

Ranch Location: Bushnell FL

Note: We do not allow any vehicles of any kind into our dirtbike ranch for safety and liability reasons.

Adventure Tour Summary